My art practice is concerned with concepts from contemporary post-colonial studies and adapting these to visual art through fiber art sculptures, digital art, and analog doodles. I bisect space into chromatic and texture planes that manifest hybridity. The materials I use elicit mimicry through the dichotomy of natural and synthetic; hand-made is refined like machine-made; industrial simulates the subtle touch of man. I bridge these planes through deliberate configuration and visceral binding and present them to the spectator to allude to the third space. Through this the result is sense of balance but also depth to explore the tension, harmony, and contrast within.

Configuration 1

My latest work is Configuration 1, a composite piece with juxtaposed fiber sculptures and digital prints that is an exploration of hybridity, mimicry, and the third space.

Configuration 1, and the six pieces that it is made from, was on show in 2016 from July 14 to July 20 at the Camberwell College of Arts Postgraduate Summer Show 2016.

Photograph courtesy Clara Durán

The individual pieces are: